Can Solar Panels Be Damaged and How Can it Be Avoided?

When you invest in something like commercial solar panels you are wanting a long term solution that won’t need replacing or upgrading every few years. You want to know that what you have implemented is going to save you money, save your business and, most importantly, save on headaches. So, are solar panels easily damaged?

Commercial solar panels are built to last, but like anything, they are not fully immune to potential damage. Whilst true that they are strong enough to withstand every kind of element the weather can throw at you, what you need to be wary of is the drop in performance from certain factors.

Luckily, they can all be avoided and tended to without much fuss so that you can continue to enjoy the maximum performance.


Micro scratches on your solar panels can appear thanks to various falling objects such as twigs, leaves and dirt. Naturally, these are small, purely cosmetic scratches.

However, if something larger were to scratch the panels to a noticeable degree, it could affect the performance of your energy output. Scratches like these could prevent sunlight from reaching the cells, which in turn would produce less energy.

When planning your solar installation, the expert on hand would advise against installing where trees are nearby or directly overhead to reduce this risk.


You cannot live in England and escape the notorious rainfall that appears every other week. If there is one thing you can count on, it is that rain will arrive sooner or later, which might lead to you asking the question, are solar panels easily damaged.

Whilst rain does not affect the input of solar power completely, there is one thing you should consider. Old or deteriorated seals can become a problem that could lead to water damage, and it has been known to happen on many occasions. As the seals get older, they do become less effective against rain. Happily, this is a problem with a simple solution – you have a professional simply reseal them over time to ensure this does not affect your investment.


Much like the rainfall, dust will always decide to make its presence felt regularly. This usually comes after rainwater has evaporated and a residue of dust is left behind.

A steady build-up of this will form a layer of shade over your solar panels, which naturally would reduce the amount of power reaching your cells. This is easily combated by ensuring they are cleaned regularly by either a professional cleaner or simply by yourself with the use of a hose and microfibre cloth.

Caring for your investment into commercial solar is relatively easy and these simple measures protect your business so it can run at maximum output. When considered early on, it is easy to work into a routine to ensure that the money you have put into renewable energy and solar panel cost keeps on generating profit for your company.

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