Are Solar Panels Going to Work Through the Winter?

Goodbye Summer months and hello Winter! With the shorter, darker, and overcast days ahead, splashing money into solar panel cost is going to be a loss, right? Do solar panels work in winter?

These are realistic questions, after all. How can a house be powered by the sun when there is hardly any sun? Well, whilst production of energy will vary depending on cloud density, domestic and commercial solar panels are designed to generate energy in all conditions throughout the day.

Solar Power with No Sunlight?

You’ll be forgiven for thinking otherwise – after all, it is one of the biggest misconceptions about solar panels on a building rooftop. What you need to understand is that solar panels work on light, not heat. And to do that it needs daylight – not sunlight. There is a difference, despite what you may think.

Optimum electrical production will occur through bright sunny weather, but there is more than required natural British daylight to make your solar panel investment a viable option, even on those cloudy dull days.

On average, the UK has around 48 per cent of overcast days per year, and in the winter months, the sun rises later and sets earlier providing darker mornings and earlier nights. Naturally, generation hours will be lower as solar panels will produce less energy compared to summer months and their longer daylight days – this is a given.

Whilst output can be reduced by as much as half on cloudy days, the energy generated will be enough to meet the average consumer requirement for power.

What if My Roof Is Not Good for It?

Over half a million UK homes now have solar panels installed upon them, with 510,000 domestic systems installed and that number is rising.

Whilst that is the most promising sign for domestic solar, that does not mean that your rooftop is prime real estate for a solar panel. There are factors to be aware of such as system size, roof direction, shading in the area, panel type and quality and the quality of installation to determine the suitability and influence of renewable energy working for your home.

Do solar panels work in winter? The amount of sunlight hitting your panels will be determined by the direction your roof is facing. The closer to the south it points, the better the system performs. Of course, that does not mean it is exclusive to south-facing roofs – those facing southwest and south-east will also perform very well.

The best way to discover exactly how well a system can work for you is by talking with a specialist, such as a team at Positive Energy Solutions.

Call us today to discuss your concerns and queries about switching to green energy through solar panels.

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