How Solar Panels are Good for the Environment

When it comes to our homes and businesses, solar panels are the leading source of renewable energy and the drive to attain this green energy source has seen many more buildings opting towards installation in recent years. But do you ever wonder, are solar panels good for the environment?

It is promising news for the planet and environment, and opens up discussion for businesses thinking of adopting commercial solar into understanding exactly why their choices are good for their business – commercial solar panels have several benefits due to their green energy and lack of emissions whilst running.

Cut Down on Grid Energy

Every business owner loves the appeal of using power off the grid and eliminating their energy bills.

Naturally, solar power doesn’t work at night so some businesses will remain on the grid to power their business at night. However, the option of having solar battery storage means that power can be stored for the operation in the evening and enabling a grid-free run on power. Whilst those who don’t opt for battery storage having to rely on the national grid to power themselves during the night, they are seeing a large decrease in their grid usage. Those using battery storage find themselves in a great position to be able to sell excess power back to the grid, helping to make their investment into commercial solar a much quicker ROI.

No Emissions

When you are relying on solar, you are reliant on energy gathered from the sun that is being converted into electricity.

When using this form of energy you are not producing harmful greenhouse gases or contributing to the harmful effects of global warming. A single year can see your home or business having a carbon footprint reduction of around 80% via this renewable energy option. It is a fantastic piece of PR for your business and puts you in good stead with environmentalist groups and awards.

No Running Dry

Solar energy is renewable energy, meaning that there is plenty to go around and won’t run out anytime soon.

Fossil fuels have a finite lifespan and cause harm to the planet every time they are mined and distributed. In the reliance on solar panels, you are not limited to energy on cloudy days as they can still harness enough energy to power your business, with the battery storage helping to carry the extra weight. It helps that your business is one extra business not polluting the planet.

No Moving Parts Need Replacing

Commercial solar panels hardly ever need replacing or maintenance due to their non-reliance on moving parts to operate.

In most cases, solar panels can last upwards of 50 years before needing any replacement and greatly eliminate the costs on those traditional heating and electrical installations that need fixing for many small reasons.

For taking the powerful step towards commercial solar for your business, contact the team at Positive Energy Solutions today.

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