Which is the Best Direction for Solar Panels?

If you are currently tuned into the prospect of domestic or commercial solar panels, you may have concerns about getting the right amount of juice from the sun to make them a worthy investment, with many wonder what is the best direction for solar panels.

In the past, you needed your roof to be south facing to get the benefit of the sun generating your solar energy. With every house having a different orientation from the sun, it sure posed some challenges equal to its opportunities. Sure, south-facing roofs do collect the most sunlight to strategically help the homeowner save on all of their bills, and the most energy is collected at mid-day when the sun is at its peak and consumption levels are traditionally lower.

Potential Issues

As not all homes are south facing, today’s solar panels operate in more variable quality in that roofs that don’t face the sun can still benefit greatly from solar panel installation.

To get the best kind of potential from a solar panel installation, a solar panel provider will undertake an inspection of your home to determine the best course of action, with obstacles such as trees, chimneys, power lines and taller buildings potentially hurting having them placed ideally on the roof. No one wants to fork out money on a solar installation if the sun is blocked by trees or a taller building for larger portions of the day when the sun is at its most prominent.

If your roof is facing a less-than-optimal direction or obstacles that block the sun for long periods of the day, it can still produce plenty of solar power, but it probably will require more panels to be added to compensate.

Other Directions

Your installation may take in either southwest or southeast directions, which both are equally highly efficient. East and west-facing roofs also generate enough solar power to be a worthy investment, losing only around 15% efficiency overall.

Other options can be more suited, such as ground installations for homes with large lawns that are not obstructed by trees or other buildings throughout the day, also ensuring that no unappealing solar panels are attached to the roof if you wish for them not to be visible.

Solar panels can also be mounted on the side of a building if they have enough room to accommodate them, which is perfect for smaller buildings with old small roofs with no access to them.

At Positive Energy Solutions, we pride our work in finding the best solution for every renewable energy installation. Contact our team today to discuss your best direction for solar panels and the solar panel cost for your specific needs.

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