The Top Industries to Benefit from Solar in 2022

Domestic and business solar panel installation is becoming more and more popular throughout 2021, with many businesses and environmentally conscious homeowners looking to change up the way they live and operate moving forward.

With 2022 just two months away, many businesses and industries are looking at ways to save money moving forward – especially following a turbulent and uncertain start to the 2020s.

Some institutions look to prosper with the benefit of commercial solar into their business premises in the new year. Whilst the manufacturing and agricultural industries are greatly benefitting from advancements in solar power generation, we look at other industries that are set to greatly benefit in 2022 from adopting renewable energy.


The hospitality sector has long been an industry with huge levels of consistent electricity use – and large hotel chains stand to greatly benefit from having flat roofing that can perfectly accommodate many solar panels to power their entire premises.

By investing in business solar panel installation, hotels would be able to create much of their power for the many parts of the premises that require it 24 hours a day, including lighting, heating and multiple TV, entertainment and kitchen appliances that are always running. Adopting solar will put the power in the hands of the business and drastically slash their reliance on the grid, slashing down on their sometimes astronomically large utility bills.

The added benefit is the image that the hotel chain would be portraying – one of eco-friendliness that draws in more people who are more environmentally conscious in their choices.

Auto Dealers and Repairs

Energy is the largest overhead expense for the automotive industry. Every garage, MOT station and dealership will have hydraulic lifts, pressure washers, vacuums and also EV charging points within their premises. Add to this, the lighting both interior and exterior will also rack up some huge electricity bills – especially if they run throughout the night.

Having a commercial solar system into their business sees a dramatic decrease in costs, as well as a safe and reliable investment in the future of automobiles with their electric vehicle charging points – which can be charged with the solar panel system of choice.

Schools and Universities

With the teachings about climate control and primary schools now holding lessons on the environment and caring for the planet, the best way for a school to adopt its teachings is with commercial solar panels.

By being the first point of teaching children about the benefits of solar power, and with schools open during daylight hours instead of night hours, this sector stands to be among the best-benefitted industries in solar power.

For more information on your business benefitting from commercial solar panels, contact the team at Positive Energy Solutions today.

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