Can Smart Meters and Solar Panels Work Together?

Smart meters have seen a rise in implementation over the past two years and are great at giving you control over your energy usage, and solar panels are great at bringing your energy bills down and provide a step in the right direction of renewable green energy.

Separately they are a great benefit towards lowering your bills and smarter power for your home, but can they be used together? Could solar panels interfere with a smart meter and give a wrong reading?

How it Works

If you are planning on a solar panel system installation, it is a wise move to install a smart meter also – even though they will work fine without them. The good news is that smart meters and solar panels will work together to further reduce your energy bills and keep track of what energy you are generating and using.

If you have solar panels installed, and you are producing energy that is fed back to the National Grid, your smart meter will not go backwards in the way an older analogue meter would do. What you may witness is a message saying that reverse energy is detected, which happens when panels produce more electricity than you can use yourself.

Unseen Benefits

There are many benefits to having a smart meter installed and one benefit that not many people may be aware of is that smart meters can help you earn money on excess energy that your solar panel system produces.

The Smart Export Guarantee – or SEG – is a government-backed renewable energy initiative introduced in 2020 requiring medium and large energy suppliers with more than 150,000 customers to pay residents for the energy they export to the grid from their solar PV systems.

This means that instead of you paying for energy, energy providers pay you for the excess energy produced by your solar panels. To export unused energy back to the grid, you would previously require a separate export meter. With a smart meter installed, this can be done for you.

Combing Both

Even if you have the right kind of smart meter – as there are different types – and you love the idea of solar panels for your home, you may feel that having solar panels installed on your roof is a put-off – especially if your roof does not face the right direction to fully benefit.

Feeling like it will take even longer than it should to recoup the initial solar panel cost of solar panels without a roof installation, other avenues can be taken such as wall-mounted or even ground-level solar panels. Having a consultation with a solar panel installer will fully detail how to get the best benefit, especially with smart meter installation to go alongside it.

Contact the team at Positive Energy Solutions today for all information on combining solar panels and smart meters to better benefit your home through renewable energy.

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