How Many Solar Panels Does it Take to Charge an EV?

Electric vehicles are one of the many positive areas that are gaining a lot of positivity, with most vehicle manufacturers now offering an EV model. Sales of these vehicles are also doubling in the 2020s, and the cut down on fuel costs and carbon emissions have been great benefits. Having a car that runs on sunshine is a sweet deal, but when charging an electric vehicle to full power, how many solar panels on your home would it take?

Current Charging

Today there are two basic opinions for charging your vehicle – Charge at home or a public charging station. 80% of today’s drivers choose to charge their vehicles at home, which can be costly on the national grid power whilst saving on the fuel costs.

Funnily enough, if you are burning fossil fuels to charge an electric vehicle then you are still running on the same kind of energy you were planning on getting away from – which is why it makes more sense to charge your EV through a solar panel system from your rooftop for 100% clean energy.

In this scenario, not only is having an EV charger in the home more convenient, the sun is practically powering both your home and car with free renewable energy.

How Many Panels Would It Take?

If you currently have solar panels on your roof and the system is not covering all of your electrical use, it would probably be worth adding 3 or more kW on your rooftop. The reason being is that EV charging will increase your consumption.

If your current solar panel system is already covering your power needs or even overproducing, you could add a home battery that can provide some of the excess solar energy to your car during the evening.

If you don’t have solar panels already fitted to your home, charging an EV will undoubtedly incur a lot of extra stress on those utility bills. It may make the idea of owning an electric car a bit like robbing Peter to pay Paul. A solar panel system, therefore, makes a lot of financial sense and whilst there is a lot in solar panel cost to consider, it is still a lot cheaper than what the grid will cost you in the long run with owning an electric vehicle.

Contact the team at Positive Energy Solutions today to discuss powering/ charging an electric vehicle with a solar panel system and harnessing green energy for your home.

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