Newman University: All in a Day’s Work

At Positive Energy Solutions, we love those projects that present challenges and provide a great sense of change in certain industries and communities with commercial solar panel installation.

Back to School for the Positive Team

March saw another successful installation of commercial solar in a very tight timeframe at Newman University in Birmingham. The building in focus, the St Hilda building, is a teaching building for courses such as the Faculty of Arts, Society and Professional Studies and Teacher Training but the lesson learned on Saturday March 13th was all about successfully implementing further carbon negativity by 2035.

Being our third installation at the University, the ongoing development into supporting Newman University pledge and commitment to renewable energy sources and low carbon emissions is a project we are proud to undertake.

System Requirements

The system size for the St Hilda building was 29.92kW that encompassed 88 x 340-watt JA Solar panels installed on the flat roof of the premises. The project was aided by utilising an Aero compact ballasted mounting kit.

Due to the professional and structured team at Positive Energy Solutions, the installation was able to be completed in a single day and have the commercial solar panels up and running successfully. However, the day did choose to pose some challenges from the natural elements.

Battling the Elements

Our team proved that fierce winds, rain and sleet may be a negative force to work through, but on this day the greater forces at work were Positive. Despite these elements trying their best to put a dampener on the day, the committed team provided a bright outlook for the future of Newman University and their drive towards green energy.

The system now operating at the St Hilda building will provide carbon saving of 13,797 of CO2. Positive Energy Solutions is proud of its work with everyone at Newman University in the ongoing work towards renewable energy solutions.

Suitable for All Industries and Institutions

At Positive Energy Solutions we thrive on providing many different businesses, educational facilities and institutions with systems specific to their needs.

By adopting commercial solar in 2021, every kind of client can begin to see changes in what they spend and how they spend on their energy consumption and develop smarter ways of saving money and energy, all whilst doing their bit to be environmentally friendly to the planet by reducing their carbon output.

As with Newman University, it’s never too late to learn how your business can develop and prosper from the renewable energy movement. Contact the team at Positive Energy Solutions today to explore your future with commercial solar panel installation.

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