Businesses That Can Make the Best from Solar Energy

Commercial solar and domestic solar is talked about a lot for use in distribution and manufacturing or home use to get the best cost-effective solutions through renewable energy, but the benefits do not rest on those alone. As time has moved on, there has been a vast amount of business sectors that are waking up not just to sunshine, but cleaner green energy use because of commercial solar power. The drive of concern by the public to adopt solar into everyday use and create a cleaner and sustainable climate is trickling through every industry ready to forgo its use on common fossil fuels and save a chunk of money in the process.

Here are just a few sectors now bridging into commercial solar panels for their future.


As solar panels produce their electricity during daylight hours proves a great incentive towards hotel chains, mainly due to their peak electricity usage aligning with daylight hours.

This goes a long way towards hotel chains seeing a great reduction in their energy bills, as well as their carbon footprint, where solar can power the vast amount of heating, lighting, hot water and cooling and ventilation for customers whilst the offices, are powered and cooking and refrigeration are also powered.

With many customers to hotels now adopting the use of electric vehicles, many hotel chains are following suit by providing EV charging stations that can also be powered by commercial solar, making them even more appealing towards environmentally conscious visitors.

Schools and Universities

The education sector is perfect for commercial solar due to the bulk of school operating times is done during daylight hours, meaning the peak of use will be whilst the sun is still shining.

With more and more students being environmentally conscious for the future and having a hand in the implementation of green energy options for use, providing their schools with more emphasis on ways to save the planet through a cycle to work schemes, healthier menu’s and electric school buses – which can be powered by solar panels and EV stations at the school.

With the UK driving the use of renewable energy sources, a prime candidate is the education sector where students can learn moving forward of the importance of solar panels for the environment.


Supermarkets and stores that stock a lot of products that need to be kept refrigerated or frozen overnight experience a lot of power usage from large freezers or fridge units.

By being open during the day they can benefit from solar panels to power their lighting and fridges and have battery storage to power through surplus through the evening, ensuring that even if there is a power cut on the street’s main grid, solar panels will keep produce fresh throughout the day and night and not losing stock due to faults on the grid.

To feel the full benefit of the future of commercial solar power for your sector, contact the team at Positive Energy Solutions today.

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