Commercial Solar vs. Rising Grid Costs

The recent increase in commercial solar panels for UK businesses is down to two factors – business owners are beginning to appreciate the environment more, and conventional grid energy is a rapidly unaffordable option.

Searches on Google for solar panel systems and solar batteries increased over the Spring, with many businesses looking to make the switch within 2022. Rooftop solar installations soared to a seven-year high in the domestic market during the first 4 months of the year, with the rising energy prices being the primary motivation.

Concerns Over Grid Power

Whilst the domestic sector has significant concerns over the price of grid power, business owners also look at the financial output against their business running costs – with many seeing the investment into solar panel cost as a much more cost-effective strategy.

The desire to make businesses more green by reducing carbon footprints joined with incentives provided by government schemes and initiatives for businesses actively implementing ways to lower their emissions has made renewable energy a reality for many companies in 2022.

Looking to Generate Profit

Solar panels use solar cells to convert the sun’s light into electricity or heat energy without producing any carbon emissions. With businesses able to produce some or all of their energy – and even open up avenues to profit from the sale of excess energy back to the National Grid – businesses in 2022 stand to gain more from making the switch.

Although commercial solar is a lengthy process to plan and install – the positive impact on a business’s bottom line after the system is up and running is undebatable. If the company in question only operates during daylight hours, such as a nursery or 9 to 5 store.

As energy prices are soaring to unimaginable levels throughout the year, the ability to generate your energy tips the scale back into the financial advantage for businesses that rely on a lot of energy to operate. How much money solar panels can save, or make, your business comes down to how many panels you have installed, where they sit and what your electrical output needs are – something a professional installer will be able to project for your business.

Long-Term Savings

Installing solar panels will always save your business money in the long term. Not only do they provide the opportunity to make an instant saving in the purchasing of grid energy, but it also protects you against any further rises in energy and any instances where a power blackout can grind operations to a halt.

If you are looking into the prospects of green energy for your business, contact the team at Positive Energy Solutions today to discuss your requirements and consult with an installer on your potential savings and timeframe.

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