Commercial Solar Provides the Pulse for Distribution and Storage Businesses

Since the regular high street closures over the last year have turned more and more people to the reliance on online shopping, the huge increase in demand for warehouse and distribution space has forced businesses to reshape their operations which has caused considerable energy usage and why companies are now turning to commercial use of solar energy.

Among the chief areas is lighting and internet operations, some even turning to robotic process automation to keep up with the surge in workload, especially whilst workers have not been able to come to work.

The extra electrical output has paved the way for many companies to turn to renewable energy sources in order to save on considerable consumption.

Typical Energy Use

Even though warehouses in the UK are considered to have the lowest intensities in energy use, the demand is still considered significant.

To power lighting, battery charging for forklifts and picking trucks and all the other areas businesses are turning to the prospect of commercial solar. The main focus on business owners is the overall savings on their electricity bills with commercial solar panels providing enough of a shot in the arm to cut down on the outgoing financials towards powering their business. The second focus that springs up is the ability to be less reliant on grid power and sparing the price increases that providers bring about, therefore saving even more money in the long term. An added benefit can be placed in replacing all lighting with LED lighting.

The added benefit of the company adopting the green energy criteria presents strong PR opportunities also, putting them in good standing with the community and green groups.

Build Up in the Day to Work Through the Night

Among the many business owners on the fence about improving their energy standing is the type who believes that solar is great for the day but would leave them in the dark at night.

Depending on operational hours, it is always possible to displace expensive energy during daylight operations whilst utilising cheaper off-peak energy in the evenings. This will easily take care of lighting and charging operations overnight. Plus in the advent of power failures on the grid that would usually grind operations to a halt, commercial solar batteries will provide enough back up energy to keep things running and not offset any workflow.

Spare on Maintenance

Many people believed that such a change in operations by switching to commercial solar would require painful amounts of maintenance work overtime.

Happily, this is not the case as once fitted they are fixed with no movement required, meaning that they are less reliant on parts being fixed or replaced and can usually last upwards of thirty years without needing any work to be undertaken on them.

With businesses in the warehouse and distribution sectors seeing unparalleled workloads sometimes requiring an overhaul of space and operations, commercial solar is among the best benefits to help them save financially and run smoothly into the parts of the year that are soon to become hectic and beyond.

Call the team at Positive Energy Solutions today to discuss your requirements for the commercial use of solar energy.

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