Keeping Commercial Solar at Maximum Efficiency

With the installation of commercial solar panels on the roof of your business property, you are instantly open to new and cost effective energy solutions to power your business. This is the best solution for cutting down your energy usage bills and doing your part for the environment by cutting out carbon emissions.

The one question you may ask about adopting commercial solar for your business is if the solar panels themselves require a lot of maintenance throughout their lifespan.

Solar Panels and Maintenance

Some renewable energy sources have plenty of moving parts – such as wind turbines. With commercial solar panels, you have no moving parts. This means that you will not have to replace them due to faults with singular pieces.

Without an excess of moving parts, your solar panels will generally require a lot of maintenance during their lifespan. This is what has made commercial solar panel systems perfect for big businesses with big energy use – the reduction of regular maintenance to their systems. Although they don’t require regular maintenance, they will occasionally need some over their entire duration.

Basic checks and cleaning once or twice a year are sufficient enough to keep your panels working at their full efficiency and keep your costs low.

Maximum Efficiency

Your solar panels must perform at the maximum efficiency to be cost-effective against your investment. Over time these panels will see a certain amount of dirt, debris and leaves that cover your panels and block the solar rays from having the maximum impact of power generated.

Whilst we live in a country where we do see plenty of rain at certain times of the year which would effectively clean your panels, there will be months where rain is not as common – sometimes months without a single drop in some areas. This will allow a build-up of dirt and leaves that will have some effect on how much money you will save through solar use.

Adding a quarterly cleaning of your solar panels could be included in your commercial cleaning contract to cover those months with no rain. However, if your business is in an area without trees and nature, your debris and leaf problem will be much lower.

Excess Power

Solar battery storage also helps to attain excess energy generated throughout the year to help power your business in periods where your system would require quick maintenance, meaning that whatever issue you have with a particular panel will not affect your energy supply when being fixed.

Contact the team at Positive Energy Solutions today for all information on commercial solar and caring for your system during its lifespan.

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