Energy Bills Crisis Rockets Solar PV Demand

Solar Energy UK recently conducted a survey that highlighted solar installations tripling in volume during the summer of 2022 in comparison to those of 2020, from 1000 a week in July 2020 to more than 3000 in 2022, with some providers having a ten-fold increase in enquiries – One of the biggest contributing factors will be the energy bill crisis.

Energy Strain

With the huge increase in energy costs being felt by all areas of the UK, more and more people are looking into solar energy. It is increasingly understood that generating electricity from renewable energy sources is also playing a huge part in protecting the planet from harmful greenhouse gases, which is also a factor in why businesses are considering when accessing their energy usage and its origins.

For most business owners, the upfront solar panel cost has been the bigger factor against industry-wide take-up of this hugely effective renewable solution for business consumption. That would be the case back in 2020, but the gigantic rise in energy bills hitting the nation as a whole, coupled with the falling cost of installation, means that time in recouping initial outlay costs of solar panel system installation has drastically reduced.

Difference in Decade

Ten years ago, a typical solar panel installation would cost an average of £20,000 and take up to a decade of use to pay for itself. Since that time, prices for solar panel systems have dropped by 60% – which means that it takes an average of 4 to 5 years to recoup the initial outlay.

With the potential rise even further in energy costs, it is easy to see why business owners have decided to jump off of the fence and take up solar power as a way to make significant savings.

Some businesses are more suited to incorporating solar panels than others, with elements such as the building’s size, aspect and position all being considered when calculating the effectiveness of the technology used. This is where professional installers such as Positive Energy Solutions come into play to be able to find the best solution.

Bespoke Needs

Some properties may require more bespoke designs for their panels or have them situated differently – or may occupy an area with a lot of shade that will negatively affect the amount of power that can be generated throughout the day.

Adopting green energy is not as simple as throwing a few panels on your roof and continuing your day, it takes meticulous planning and foresight – and with the energy bill crisis, the only way to get the most out your energy is to install commercial solar panels. Consult with the team at Positive Energy Solutions today.

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