Energy Usage and the Change of Focus in the UK

The UK currently is going through the biggest hike in energy price history which is seeing more and more people actively concerned about the affordability to stay reliant on the National Grid.


Warehouse owners across the UK are especially struggling to pay for gas-powered electricity from the grid. However, the solution could be generating all of the power they need and more from the roof of their very building. It is not a new thought process – many businesses have had their minds switched to renewable energy as the prices started to skyrocket, with threats of them booking up even further.

Commercial solar is an out-of-sight, easy-to-maintain and affordable solution that many businesses in the UK still have yet to commit towards.

In recent reports conducted by Delta Energy & Environment, it was highlighted that UK warehouses could deliver more than 13.8TwH of green energy every year if covering a roof around the equivalent of 18,500 acres of land. A rapid rollout of rooftop commercial solar panels has the potential to cut warehousing electricity costs between 40% to 80%, with savings to the warehousing sector of an estimated £3bn a year.

Commercial solar panel systems are playing a very significant role in delivering local renewable energy, especially in urban areas with limited alternative options available due to land and planning constraints.

Government Movement

With energy costs continuing to rise, calls on the government to support the sector embracing solar PV as it transitions to electrification with transport fleets, forklifts, automation and robotics – all driving the demand for low-cost, sustainable electricity. The new Prime Minister Liz Truss has also stressed that more solar panel installations on rooftops are a step she wants to deliver on.

With all of this activity around the future growth of commercial solar panels, the question must be posed as to why many in the warehousing sector are still slow to act – or even enquire.

There may be several concerns and most of them are centred around money – or the loss of earning it. Business owners may feel that the system is a major upfront cost that will take years to get any return on the investment. True, it will take a few years but not as many as you may be led to believe.

Systems these days can see returns in as little as 2 to 5 years. The other concern is the halt to operations whilst a lengthy installation and switchover would take place. This is also false thinking as the majority of the work is undertaken on your roof – and most warehouses don’t operate on top of them.

Then there is the thinking that solar panels will only benefit during daylight hours, and a majority of warehouses operate through the night. Whilst this would add a reliance on National Grid power, it can also be greatly reduced with the installation of solar battery storage which will store excess energy generated from your panels for use throughout the night.

Attitudes towards solar panel adoption have changed for the better, with many forward-thinking business owners seeing that they have to invest in their company’s future and not be among the last to step up to the climate.

If you are ready to talk about renewable energy for your business through commercial solar panels, contact the team at Positive Energy Solutions today.

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