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Hospitality is a business in place to make people feel welcome, safe and catered for. So when it comes to making the work environment as green as their logo, Holiday Inn, located in Chester West, decided to take charge of their energy consumption and present a friendlier and economical landscape for the planet that hosts its core client base.

First Steps

A full surveyancing of the hotel was undertaken by The Carbon Trust, with a structure to identify up to 6 actions that would be prioritised in the battle against energy consumption. Collating all of the results, the highlighted areas suggested that voltage optimization, as well as power factor correction, would be among the top beneficial areas to reduce the hotel’s consumption of power.

How the Team Came Onboard

Positive Energy Solutions was contacted due to its reputation as the only supplier of single solutions to handle the multiple site issues faced.

Via the use of data logging, the team were able to measure consumption levels and provide the hotel chain with baseline figures to work from. It was discovered that standard forms of fixed voltage optimisers would be seen as unsuitable for the solution due to the site experiencing large voltage swings.

By utilising Positive Energy Solutions specialised EMP optimisers, we were able to optimise the large voltage into a single piece of equipment, or a localised area or building. By utilising this method, Holiday Inn were able to be supplied with a three-stage optimiser with power factor correction developed and designed by our team in order to deal with the specific issues identified.

After installation, regular data logging continued to measure savings whilst the optimiser provided stabilized reduced voltage to the hotel ensuring it remained above 221v with the integral power factor correction improving the power factor from 0.86 to 0.97.


With the installation of the staged voltage tracking unit mitigating the usual problems associated with large voltage fluctuations throughout the site, the Holiday Inn has seen reductions in their equipment failures.

This has since had a positive effect on replacement and maintenance costs on top of the reduction in energy bills for the site.

In total yearly figures, the total reduction in consumption tallies in at 76,009 KWh for a reduction in yearly electricity costs of £5,837. Also, the savings from removing reactive power charge into an improved power factor was an extra £600.

The total yearly reduction in CO2 emissions weighs in at a total 139.7 tonnes. The overall total cost of the project was £13,349.25, saving the company 12.5% in average energy savings and £5,837 per year with a payback of just 25 months.

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