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At Positive Energy, we have had many instances where the knowledge of our highly trained team has worked hard to bring our clients into a greener and more sustainable living whilst saving them on costs.

With it being an ever-increasing focus on everyday living, the need to replace old electrical installations with a more sustainable solution presents many differing viewpoints. However, with our clients we look to give them every available, reliable and trusted delivery on their investment into an energy-efficient system.

In focusing on two clients, in particular, we journeyed to Sheffield to catch up with two satisfied clients that have fully benefited from the installation of the Eco-Max-Home Voltage Optimizer.

Mrs Bartin

Occupying a 3 bedroom semi-detached property in Sheffield provided some challenges when Mrs Bartin’s light fixtures would continuously trip or even blow on a regular occurrence.

When the team at Positive Energy Solutions installed the optimizer last year, the results not only stopped the continuous annoyance of electrical tripping but also proved a saving on the electricity bill starting at a reduction of £10 per month; a substantial £115 per year.

Within a cost-effective 54 months the cost of the purchase is to be paid back with a wonderful 21% return on investment to boot. Mrs Bartin’s Eco-Max-Home optimizer saves an average of 13% on energy usage and has not posed any annoyance to those instances where electrical trips or short outs were an everyday habit.

Mrs Wooley

Not too far away in a luxurious 4 bedroom home, we revisit Mrs Wooley, who had her Eco-Max-Home voltage optimizer installed in a bid to cut down on electrical costs, has found great satisfaction from her upgrade.

Since having the Optimizer installed, all of the household appliances have operated greatly, resulting in longer-lasting light bulbs which have resulted in environmental care for the planet by even a small margin.

The biggest change has been to electricity bills which have reduced by £12 per month, giving her a yearly saving of £145 on electricity alone. Mrs Wooley’s Eco-Max-Home optimizer provides a 10% energy saving with a purchase cost paid back within 43 months and a 27% return on investment.

Positive Futures

When it comes to installing a brighter future that takes care of your home in a more efficient and sustainable way, Positive Energy Solutions is a brand that works to give back to the planet and their client base by presenting green solutions to better your all-round living.

For more information on how you can save with the Eco-Max-Home voltage optimizer unit installed in your home, contact the team at Positive Energy Solutions today.

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