Has Working From Home Become More Costly on Energy?

Have you noticed that over the past two years your household electricity usage has been double, if not triple, the usual amount you would pay? Part of that is undoubtedly down to the rising costs of National Grid electricity, but the other part falls on the results of the global pandemic and the reliance on not just working from home – but also spending most of our lives indoors.

Whilst we initially thought of it being a temporary situation, time has shown us differently to the point where we now accept that home-based working is better for our comfort and lifestyle. However, our energy bills are not providing us comfort – they are getting increasingly uncomfortable in the amount we pay-out.

Solar panels may be perfect for the year ahead, especially if your home is where you will be spending your working and living days moving ahead.

Shifting Usage

As 2021 has shown us, we have seen increases in not just electric use but also heating. This is due to new home working models and the inability to spend a lot of time outside, in nightclubs and bars, restaurants or holidays where usage would typically decline.

With many meetings being done virally, as well as home computers used in much more capacity, charging of electronic devices and lighting being on far longer than usual, the utility bills have seen a dramatic increase. Its been a great year for the National Grid but not for our financial standing as a result.

Solar Stepping In

Domestic and Commercial Solar panels have seen a large rise in interest in 2021 and for good reason. It has greatly helped home workers to offset their household electricity usage costs.

By having a system installed that covers a larger amount, if not all, of your home energy consumption, home workers have been able to greatly reduce their reliance on the National Grid – or even better, make money by being able to sell surplus power back to the Grid. In cases such as these, home workers have been able to eliminate their reliance on grid power to some extent.

By conversing with specialists in solar panel cost and installation, home workers have been able to have a system fit for their needs fitted to their roof, grounds or walls to greatly reduce their usage costs.

Greater Benefits Through Understanding

The days of solar panels being a gimmick are well and truly over, with more investment in renewable energy sources than at any time in the past being now.  The UK’s drive for green energy implementation has seen many people greatly benefit from free energy from the sun whilst they are stuck at home, able to use the money typically spent on high energy bills on other positive aspects of their day to day living.

Contact the team at Positive Energy Solutions today to make your future lighter on energy costs and brighter on outlook.

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