How Companies Are Reducing their Carbon Footprint

Businesses in the UK either see a reduction of their carbon footprint as a moral urge or positive drive for long term financial savings, either way, it makes great business sense to be ahead of any future regulations that could stand to penalise any businesses that are polluting the environment. Knowing how to reduce carbon footprint in the office has it’s benefits.

In truth, many business owners are switched on to improving the environment due to their company standing and reputation, as well as the cost savings in embracing renewable energy practices.

Here are some avenues to start your carbon footprint reduction within your business to start your plan of action.


The plan to use power more efficiently tops the chart when it comes to a business plan. There are significant savings on both carbon emission and money from sourcing renewable energy.

The major focus for most businesses starting is to install green energy generators such as commercial solar panels on their buildings. This, along with solar battery storage, is behind the renewable energy revolution currently cutting through the United Kingdom, which not only is a solid investment in cutting down on utility bills for the business but also allows for grid-free operations, eliminating the bills.

One area that appeals to business owners is the potential to be able to sell excess power back to the grid, which is a far greater situation than being victim to rising energy costs year on year.

Better Travel Options

Whilst many businesses actively encourage cycle-to-work schemes or even reduce commuting by allowing certain staff members to work from home, many businesses encourage the use of electric vehicle use by upgrading their fleet and installing EV charging points to their premises.

Many businesses now cut down on travels to conferences by embracing video conferencing as an alternative, which also helps to keep down company costs.

Recycling Waste

One area that many businesses do not consider upfront is the supply chain and approach to which companies they are actively working with.

By using a service that fully recycles all company waste and embraces the green emission movements from the packaging they use to the process in how they dispose of the excess. Steps can also be taken in how waste is produced on-site, cooperating with local councils and private waste firms to ensure full recycling is implemented. By ensuring all staff members are aware and working within the active recycling of waste, you can make a huge difference towards the environment. There could also be potential in partnering with a firm that could make good recycled use of your waste within their operations.

At Positive Energy Solutions, we know how to reduce carbon footprint in the office, and we work to make businesses more sustainable and responsible with their energy use through the use of commercial solar and renewable energy. Contact us today to take the best steps forward towards green energy.

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