How Long Can Solar Panels Last?

When investing in commercial solar panels for your business, you are investing in a long term solution to cutting down many things within your business in terms of costs and emissions, but how long can solar panels last?

Protection Against Threat

Whilst many things that are invested in sometimes take numerous occasions with regards to replacements or maintenance, commercial solar panels are designed to withstand a multitude of weather threats such as heat, rain, sleet and snow. As to how long it can take these elements before being affected, high-quality solar panels can withstand upwards of 50 years or longer before they would require any form of maintenance or repair.

Of course, this does not mean you might not want to replace them before 50 years are up, as all solar panels can diminish in performance over such a long period, but it is a process that is very slow to occur.

Investing in Solutions

When installing high-quality commercial solar into your business, you are implementing a solution to rising energy costs that works all year round in all weather conditions. This process sees decades before any instances of wear and tear would present themselves. If any cracks within a panel occur from corrosion or abrasion over the decades, your remaining panels will not be affected whilst the other is being repaired, meaning no solar downtime upon repair.

When commercial solar is installed by a professional service, the very best in quality checks are done to ensure no problems arise following installation. This includes checking that all installations are done to manufacturer instruction.

High-Quality Preparation

Before activation of commercial solar panels, all wiring is checked as well as the mounting and set-up to ensure that no damage is done through improper installation. Before the project being undertaken, all avenues will have been thoroughly researched and ticked off to ensure the system is operating at 100% following guidelines and regulations.

High-quality solar panel systems are designed to last over decades and are backed by a warranty to ensure the long term investment is protected. With the panels having no moving parts, they will require less maintenance from any part breaking down or needing replacement.

Contact the Professionals

When asking yourself, how long can solar panels last, and wondering what the long term profitability of commercial solar is for your business, you are presented with a system that can withstand intense weather shifts without leaving your company powerless. Once installed you can concentrate on your business operations and trust your system to do its job alongside you.

For renewable energy solutions and to understand the solar panel cost for your business, contact the team at Positive Energy Solutions today.

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