How Much Does it Cost You to Go with Solar?

Having solar panels installed in the home has been an increasing action throughout the UK over the past decade, with now over a million homes operating with a renewable energy system in place, but, how much does it cost to install solar panels? On an average household, solar panel cost is around just under £6k, but this varies depending on the kind of system required – it can be cheaper or more expensive depending on several factors. All in all, solar panels are now considerably cheaper than they were 7 years ago, seeing around a 25% price reduction. Whilst the cost can almost equate to having extensive work done on the home, solar panels work to make money back on your investment.

If you want a full breakdown of cost for your property it is always best to discuss with a professional installer who can survey your home, the area and the requirements you would need.

What is Saved with Solar?

Chief among the perks of having a solar-powered home is the benefit of reducing your energy bills, which have been steadily increasing for years.

By being able to generate your power source away from the National Grid, you can find yourself saving £330 a year through a standard 4kWp system. Naturally, a lot of factors come into play with regards to location, which is why it is always recommended you talk with a professional to determine all factors towards the system and pricing.

By having a survey done, you will know how much electricity your panels would produce, how much will be consumed and how to maximise the efficiency through the placement of the panels.

What Happens to Excess Power?

An average UK home equipped with solar panels will use up to 25% of the electricity that it produces. Through smart export guarantee tariffs, money is generated for your home when it comes to excess energy produced and not used, which can be exported back to the National Grid for other homes and businesses.

By adding a solar battery to your home, you are open to saving even more money as well as preventing free solar energy from being wasted. The battery will store the extra energy produced by your panels that are not being utilised so that your home can be powered during the night. This then helps to reduce annual energy bills by around £560.

Adding Value

When you incorporate solar panels into your home, it does not negatively affect your property value. In fact, in today’s market, it increases the home value.

Solar-powered homes and the panels that generate the power are considered an additional feature to a home for sale which adds value and is seen as a great selling point due to the cheaper energy costs and an ability to live off of Grid dependency.

This makes it incredibly attractive to buyers, whether they are environmentally conscious or wanting the best savings moving ahead.

If you’re wondering ‘how much does it cost to install solar panels on my property’ or, if you’re interested in more information on green energy systems and commercial solar, contact the experts at Positive Energy Solutions to find out how much you can save by switching to renewable energy.

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