How Solar Panels Can Be Next Christmases Best Gift

We all love Christmas. It is the best part of the year to be thankful for so much and spend time at home with family and friends. Warmth, comfort and lots of lights and activities – it is what Christmas is all about.

What if next Christmas was a lot warmer, a lot more comfortable and a lot lighter? As you know, next year we will see rises in electricity costs from the National Grid – meaning that powering those lights and hosting those parties could be an even costlier affair, including warming up your home for comfort.

Making the Solar Shift

For many years, people thought that the idea of having solar panels installed on their homes was laughable – after all, we don’t exactly live in somewhere like Spain where the sun always shines.

However, with investments and moves into new renewable energy drives to make our nation one that pushes green energy, solar panel cost is now seen as a much more inexpensive option that not only reduces greenhouse gasses but also greatly reduces our dependence on grid energy and fossil fuels.

More and more people are switching to domestic and commercial solar and starting to understand the benefit – especially when they can achieve full independence from the Grid and even earn money by being able to sell surplus energy back to it.

The sun is not going anywhere soon, and it is not taxable – so what you have is a clean energy source that shows up every day and does not cost you a penny to harness.

Compare your Christmases

Compare the month of December in electricity and heating costs with November. No doubt those Christmas lights are eating away at a fair chunk of your electricity output over the weeks of December, and the heating will be at its highest settings and usage during the coldest month of the year.

Now imagine next Christmas, where your lights and heating can be powered by the energy you pull from the sun every morning and afternoon. Not only will it have the potential to fully power your home, but you may also only use a small amount of grid power depending on your usage which means your bill will be next to nothing in comparison.

Surely that is a huge benefit if you are looking to save some money whilst reducing your carbon footprint. With battery storage, you can even store any power you don’t use, making it easy to utilise throughout the darker evenings instead of relying on grid power.

Talk with Experts

If you want to know the ins and outs of savings for the Christmas period, talk with the team at Positive Energy Solutions. It could be the best present you can give to your family to enjoy next Christmas.

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