How to Care for Solar Panels

One of the many questions that get asked about domestic and commercial solar panels is if they need constant attention to provide clean, renewable energy for years to come and make them worthy of the solar panel cost.

Solar panels work incredibly effectively in most situations, but there are some things you can do to ensure they remain at maximum use for much longer.

Cleaning Panels

Unless you live in a heavy smog area or something prone to lots of sand or dust blowing daily, your solar panels will not require a regular clean. There is a very low likelihood of debris affecting the panels’ ability to generate electricity.

If you live in an area where debris is a regular occurrence you should schedule at least one clean a year. If your panels are out of easy reach and not naturally accessible, a professional cleaning company would be best recommended to do the work. If accessible, a simple cold water bucket, biodegradable soap and soft brush/wiper will clear off any debris.


If you do clean your panels, always be sure not to use an abrasive cloth or detergents. It is very easy for these products to leave lasting marks on your solar panel’s glass which then affect the effectiveness.

This can not only affect the input but also be very costly to repair or replace. You should avoid cleaning your panels on hot sunny days where cold water applied could smudge the glass. If they need cleaning it is best to leave them towards the end of the day in the evening or on cloudier days.


Some solar panel systems can be fitted in inaccessible positions where they could pose risk. It is therefore recommended that a professional solar panel cleaning company do the task instead.

Most cleaning companies will offer panel repair and cleaning within their services that can be done in a safe environment and manner. Dust and debris can reduce the ability of solar panels to generate electricity by up to 50% in some instances, so ensuring that the highest levels of performance are always in effect is to study your environment and what it poses to the solar panel productivity.

To get the most out of your investment into green energy you will want to ensure their life can be extended as much as possible, and a quick clean on occasion with the right tools at the right time can keep your system healthy for 25 years of renewable energy.

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