Can Solar Panels Be Installed on Tile Roofs?

Sometimes installing solar panels cannot be a straightforward process and requires a few tweaks and innovations in their design and location. Over the last few decades, the changes in home designs and needs have seen many homeowners having to adapt their home operations to gain a greener home.

Renewable energy sources like solar panel systems also fit into that adapting.

Various roof types do require different installation processes. In the case of lightweight tile roofs, there can be unique challenges and considerations that have to be made by the installer upon inspection.

Concerns About Tiles

Cement and clay tile roofs usually have lightweight tiles that, if you have walked across them for any maintenance on the roof, have had some damage as they can be brittle and break easily.

Attempting to install a solar panel system onto lightweight tiles would be unadvisable as the tiles are not designed in moist cases to withstand the stress of added pressure. When installing solar panels, they could crack or break during the process and could lead to roof integrity becoming compromised as a result. This may lead to serious leaks in your roof during rainy seasons.

Any drilling done through these tiles could also severely damage the protection below your tiles or shingles.


Luckily, this does not mean that solar panels for a home with a tile roof are a no go option. There are always solutions to harnessing green energy through the installation process, but by taking some innovative steps.

The first option could be to remove individual tiles from the area where the solar array will be installed and lays new composite shingles in their place. After installation on these composite shingles is completed, the area around the solar panels is filled with the previously removed tiles to create an aesthetically pleasing appearance of the solar array being built onto the roof.

This process will most likely add some extra money to your solar panel installation budget, but outweigh the cost of replacing tiles on your roof constantly.

Additional Installation Options

No doubt you have seen solar panels on the sides of buildings or even covering the ground outside. These options can also be implemented for home use.

Considerations such as not having a big enough roof or a building that has more shade than sun on the roof usually adopts a strategy of a side-mounted or ground-based system to achieve renewable energy intake, and it is becoming more and more common as the years roll on.

The best solution always comes down to discussing with a professional installer about your needs, location and solutions.

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