The Most Common Questions Around Solar Investment

Solar power is riding high as the most favoured source of renewable energy. More and more homeowners than at any point in time are choosing to generate their solar electricity, and even more, are considering them within the next year thanks to increasing grid power prices. Before investing in solar energy and solar panel costs, you will want answers to many questions before committing. Directing your questions toward a professional installer will answer the majority of your enquiries, but here are some of the things you would undoubtedly want to know.

How Does It Work?

Solar PV systems are made up of an array of cells containing a PV material enabling the conversion of radiation from the sun into direct current electricity.

This electricity generated from the panels will power your home for lighting and electrical equipment around the home, greatly reducing your full reliance on expensive grid power. With a battery storage system added, you can potentially run your home free from grid power completely, and earn more money selling any surplus power back to the grid.

How Many Panels are Needed?

Naturally, the more panels you have installed in your home the more energy will be generated. To better determine how many panels your home would require, you can break it down by your general energy usage, how many people occupy the home and the overall size of the property.

Smaller homes may only require a 1kW system with as much as 8+ square metres on your roof, whilst higher demand homes would benefit from a 4kW system that would utilise 25+ square metres.

How Do They Benefit the Environment?

Solar is renewable energy, not like coal or gas which can run out eventually and poisons the environment with their use.

Solar power is environmentally friendly because it generates zero greenhouse gases, helping to further reduce your carbon footprint and enabling you to do your part for helping fix the environment. This also helps your home to be of much more value should you ever decide to sell it, being a very favourable addition for house hunters over the past few years.

Do I Need Solar Batteries?

In a majority of cases, a solar panel system can generate enough electricity to power the home at any one time.

All excess energy not used is sent back to the grid, which means you lose out on what your panels have been generating. Solar batteries linked to your PV system lets you hold onto that energy to use during the evenings when your panels are not generating anything. Therefore, solar batteries are a huge benefit for your home.

Thinking of investing in solar energy? Contact the team at Positive Energy Solutions for all answers to your questions about domestic and commercial solar panels.

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