Is Renewable Energy Reliable?

The question we get a lot is, is renewable energy reliable. There are many falsehoods put out on the internet regarding renewable energy and solar panel use. Many will claim there is not enough to efficiently power an electricity grid whilst others will propel the old myth that solar does not work on cloudy days.

If you look around the country, there are plenty of people who have made the switch – and you don’t ever hear of people reversing their decision on domestic and commercial solar. The reason is – it works as it says it does.

It is not like you simply pick a solar panel system from a shop floor and self-install it, it takes a plan being put together by a professional for a system to work to its maximum efficiency. A lot of systems end up being bespoke to the property it is implemented onto and enable the property owner to gain the maximum for grid independence as well as driving green energy to a cleaner future.

Very Reliable

Renewable energy sources like solar power are reliable because the sun will always make an appearance, even behind the heavy clouds. As long as the sun rises, energy is being utilised.

The belief that areas, where the sun does not shine due to heavy cloud formation, prevents the capture of any power does not hold weight – because solar power is caught by sunlight, not heat. Solar power can either make you live independent from the grid or greatly reduce your reliance on grid power, that will all depend on the type of system you have and its circumstances around the area.

Either way, solar panel cost will be a great investment because the UK will always have the sun every day. Whilst darker days will see lesser energy generated, battery storage from brighter days can help to make up the amount along with grid power.

Needing a South Facing Roof

Another big myth surrounds falsehoods that if you don’t have a south-facing roof, solar will not benefit you. Whilst a south-facing roof is the best way to place solar panels, it stands to reason that other directions can catch daylight as effectively.

Also, you don’t need to go the roof route at all. You could have a ground-based panel system or even one attached to a wall that works just as effectively as a south-facing roof. remember, it is daylight – not heat that is required for a solar panel system to operate.

Is renewable energy reliable? Whatever doubts you have on the effectiveness of solar panels for your home or business will never be answered unless you discuss them with an expert. Contact the team at Positive Energy Solutions to see where you stand for domestic and commercial solar panels.

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