Is Solar Battery Storage Worth the Effort?

If you are among the many who wonders what happens to all of the solar energy that is captured by solar panels during the daytime that does not get used and believe that it goes to waste, you have the same thoughts as a majority of customers who contact us wanting to know if investment in solar panels for their home a worthy consideration or lost cause.

The truth is that it will either be fed back to the UK national grid or you can store it via the use of a solar battery storage system within your property for later use. Solar battery storage systems are a very good piece of equipment and we will tell you why before you decide on whether it is a good option for you.

What is Solar Battery Storage?

Solar battery storage is a great piece of technology that allows homeowners to use in conjunction with their solar panels to store the vast amounts of electricity that is gathered through solar panels during daylight hours.

This then can be used when required in the evenings when the sun goes down instead of reverting to grid power. The batteries are either made of lead-acid or lithium-ion, and both can store the electricity generated by your panels whilst you are away from home in the daytime or enjoy the power provided by the sun whilst at home.

If asked which batteries are the best on the market, many points towards lithium-ion as they are the most efficient and deliver fast charging and have a larger capacity.

Why People Choose to Combine Batteries and Panels

If your home is using solar panels, your energy bills are reduced due to your energy self-consumption. This is because it is cheaper to use electricity supplied by a solar PV system generated directly into the home other than relying on energy from a provider through the grid.

If you are away from home during the day, then there is plenty of sunlight that is being missed out on that is free electricity. A solar battery system is a device that helps you to take advantage of those extra hours of power supply so that you can use it throughout the night, cutting those hours of grid power reliance potentially down to not at all.

Here you begin to see why battery storage is not just a great cost-effective measure, but one that helps you to live more self-efficient.

The Bigger Benefits

As you can now understand, solar battery storage is the key to becoming independent from the rising costs of grid energy, but there are other great benefits to solar battery storage also.

Those conscious of the environment and the impact of technology on it are assured that solar panels are environmentally friendly as they generate 100% renewable energy. Solar battery storage systems storing additional energy allows you to utilise even less grid power supply and reduce the carbon footprint even further.

For more information on solar battery storage, solar panel cost and how green energy is a solid investment, contact the team at Positive Energy Solutions.

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