Is it Time to Jump Off the Grid and into Solar?

It is no secret that the UK is tightly in the grip of a major energy crisis, with households bracing themselves for large hikes in national grid energy as of April. Smaller energy providers are phasing out or going bust and the blame falls on surges in global demand all the way to supply issues.

On top of this, panic buying and supply issues have led to petrol shortages across the country and worldwide turmoil casts a lot of shadows over everything for the economy. Whilst electric car owners have had no problems powering their cars, many petrol stations have suffered to meet demand – and that may happen again.

Writing on the Wall

With everything that has happened and everything on the horizon, is this the biggest wake-up call in making the switch to homegrown renewable energy as soon as possible? Is it time for this solution to be adopted by all?

Many homeowners as well as business owners have seen the writing on the wall and adopted both domestic and commercial solar, outweighing the solar panel cost against the rising rates that the grid will soon put upon us.

In some areas, homes have reached a level of being energy efficient and rarely require heating or cooling, meaning their energy bills are a lot lower as a result and much less likely to get into arrears or default. With solar panels as the next step for their homes, their total energy use can result in living completely off the grid and excess power being able to be sold back to the grid.

Solar Panels

Currently, the most popular outlook of powering a home is in the realm of a solar panel system. Nearly a million homes have now adopted domestic solar panel systems as the best way to reduce or eliminate electricity bills and reliance on grid energy. As well as this, it enables your home to be more environmentally friendly with your usage and, should you generate a lot of power, profit from being able to sell the excess back to the grid.

If you are considering the switch to solar panel systems, space is key and the more of it you have, the more electricity you should be able to create. This will depend on the size of your home and the room available on your roof and its facing direction.

Solar panel cost depends on various factors with your home. How long it would take to recoup the cost of a system really would depend on the circumstances of the individual client, such as location, space, power usage and other considerations.

With the rising national grid energy electricity costs playing an even bigger hand in how people choose to adopt renewable energy sources, the best way to know if adopting green energy is good for you is to speak with a professional installer to get an idea of how your circumstances play into the benefits.

Contact the team at Positive Energy Solutions today to get a greener outlook for your future.

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