How Bright is Your Company’s Future?

The solar power sector in the UK has to be one of the greatest economic success stories of the new century. The growth of this sector has played a big role in the UK’s goal of achieving a net zero economy by 2050.

The speed of deployment for commercial solar panels has accelerated due to increased business power needs and the need to reduce reliance on grid power’s astronomical energy prices.

Popular Driver

The surge in popularity of commercial solar has been driven by a handful of reasons, each providing a strong incentive for future thinking business owners to make the switch.

The first thing that drives business owners is that solar panel cost is much more affordable today than in any previous period. Solar panels have dropped by 60% since 2010, and the payback time on a commercial project is now less than five years in some cases. Given that minimum installations have a lifetime of 30 years, a modern system can generate free electricity for 25 years plus.

The other winning factor is that these systems are reliable in generating energy all year round. With excellent historical data on light levels across the UK, it becomes possible to generate extremely accurate forecasts of annual power generation, allowing businesses to reduce their exposure to volatile energy prices.

Speed of Benefits

A big deciding factor for business owners is that rooftop commercial solar projects can be completed within 12 months from the initial first talks and consultation to completion. This allows those businesses to gain quick access to reducing their carbon emissions and energy bills.

Solar power is zero-carbon at the point the system begins operating, instantly making the business carbon-emission dependent free whilst improving the sustainability of their operations and doing their part for climate change.

As businesses of all types require energy to perform day-to-day activities. Each of these factors is a perfect fuel of its own to adopt commercial solar panels into your business.

Key Thoughts Towards Solar

Whilst these areas are of great benefit, the thinking behind switching to renewable energy needs to be refined to get the most out of your business.

Discussing with a professional installer as to why you are installing it, where it would be best to install and when you would be using the power is equally as important as harnessing the benefits. Plus, you need to consider what the future holds for your business – such as extending your premises or needing extra power needs for new projects on the drawing board for the near future.

Contact the team at Positive Energy Solutions today to discover the benefits of green energy for your business and setting a goal of achieving a net zero economy by 2050.

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