Schools Can Set A Positive Example Over the Holidays

With the school holidays comes a lot of inactivity in the educational sector, but the potential for a school to seriously switch its learning has never been a better time than over the summer holidays.

Schools and other places of education such as colleges and universities are the perfect environments for implementing commercial solar panels. Not only does it have a better effect on the utility costs of running the various areas of a school, but it has a positive image not just of the school, but on the very students they teach.

Reduced Reliability on the Grid

First and foremost, the biggest lesson learned for a school is within the reduced electricity costs which, for a building requiring electricity sometimes up to 100 rooms, is very significant.

Schools stand to save a lot of money on electricity costs because their prime hours of operation are within the daytime – meaning they will not require a lot of stored electricity for use in the evenings and throughout the night. This means that they can use little grid reliability throughout the evenings unless they have solar batteries installed to store excess power.

Therefore, the money saved from not having to rely on the national grid means more money can be put into educational and recreational programmes. Solar panels can generate electricity for more than 40 years, so the cost savings will likely be substantial over that timeframe.

Green Message

More and more children are being made aware of the serious dangers of greenhouse emissions and climate change, and the message sent by reducing CO2 emissions from their school is extremely positive – allowing for children to respect green energy and how it helps to heal the world they will grow up in.

A medium-sized system can mitigate several tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year, which in turn creates significant CO2 savings over a system’s lifespan. Slashing carbon emissions in favour of renewable energy is a great message that many parents and awards councils will recognise as a positive step and environment for children.


The big positive in switching to commercial solar within a school environment is communicating to the pupils the value of sustainability through a working example.

Having their school demonstrate the values of protecting their planet will cross over into many different areas of their learning – from geography to science to technology and others. This engagement helps to inspire communities around the school to adopt the same principles as children grow up to value the impact of green energy on their surroundings and positively address climate change.

As this summer rolls around, schools can take charge and steps towards a positive education through commercial solar. Contact the team at Positive Energy Solutions today.

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