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Voltage Optimisation Solutions
Save up to 19% on your electricity bills with an Eco-Max Home Voltage Optimiser
Positive Energy Solutions
Voltage Optimisation Solutions
Save up to 19% on your electricity bills with an Eco-Max Home Voltage Optimiser
What is Voltage Optimisation?

Voltage optimisation is an intelligent method for conserving energy, designed to regulate the power supply received from the National Grid. By adjusting the incoming voltage to its optimum level, you can effectively decrease your electricity consumption and simultaneously reduce your carbon emissions. This advanced technology can be seamlessly integrated into the electrical systems and appliances found in both residential and commercial settings. With the straightforward installation of a cutting-edge device known as a Voltage Optimiser, you can reap the benefits of this ingenious energy-saving solution.

How does Voltage Optimisation work?

Typically, the power supplied by the National Grid is delivered at a voltage higher than necessary. In the UK, while the official standard voltage is 230V, the actual voltage from the National Grid hovers around an average of 242V, subject to fluctuations.

Most electrical appliances are designed to operate at 220V. Consequently, these appliances receive more electricity than they actually need to function, resulting in wastage of both energy and money. Moreover, this excessive voltage puts additional strain on your appliances, leading to accelerated wear and tear.

Fortunately, the solution lies in the installation of a voltage optimiser. By incorporating a voltage optimiser into your home or business, you can effectively reduce the voltage supplied. These optimisers are placed in series with your electricity supply, positioned between the distribution transformer and the main low-voltage distribution board. As electricity passes through the voltage optimiser, the supply voltage is automatically adjusted to the required level. Any excess voltage beyond the optimal range is seamlessly redirected back to the grid, without being consumed on-site. This process of rejecting and returning surplus power ensures that your electrical equipment receives an optimised power supply, resulting in numerous benefits.

The Eco-Max Home Optimiser

The Eco-Max Home Voltage Optimisation 63 Amps is suitable for most domestic properties and small commercial premises with a maximum 63 Amp rating.

The Eco-Max Voltage Optimiser is the smart way to reduce your electricity use at work and home – and cut your carbon emissions at the same time.

The Eco-Max Voltage Optimiser simply reduces electricity supplied to your equipment and appliances. This works because all electrical equipment must operate in all countries in the EU – and the UK power providers supply voltages at the top end – more than 240v.

Other countries supply electricity at 220v or lower. So your equipment is consuming more power than necessary. The Eco-Max Voltage Optimiser ensures electricity supplied to your equipment is exactly what it needs with no loss of efficiency.

The Voltage Optimiser is manufactured to highest standards in the UK and is easily installed by a qualified electrician.

It is a “fit and forget” solution, maintenance-free and with a no-quibble 5-year warranty.

Eco Max Home Voltage Optimisation

Depending on types of equipment, you can make energy savings of up to 19% and there are no maintenance costs. In some cases, a Voltage Optimiser can extend the working life of your equipment. Three savings settings allow the installer to set the optimum voltage and maximise energy reduction.

The Eco-Max Voltage Optimiser is designed for smaller business premises including hotels, restaurants & pubs, office & retail, healthcare & beauty, and at home. It works with the widest range of equipment, including lighting, kitchen equipment, heating, pumps, air conditioning, solar PV and wind power.

The Eco-Max Optimiser is a hassle-free, versatile and very effective way to reduce energy costs and cut carbon emissions in a wide range of environments.

Our Process In A Few Steps

Site Survey

The process begins with a comprehensive site survey conducted by our experienced team.

Detailed Report

This report provides an accurate assessment of the benefits you can expect to achieve.

Install Contract

If our client is happy to proceed with the proposed project, an install date is agreed and the contract signed.

Discover the benefits of voltage optimisation

It's important to note that the actual savings will vary depending on your specific circumstances, including your electricity rates, usage patterns, and the cost and efficiency of the voltage optimiser. It is recommended to gather accurate data and conduct a thorough analysis to estimate the potential benefits and savings for your particular situation.

Voltage optimisers help regulate and stabilise the incoming voltage, resulting in reduced energy waste and improved energy efficiency. This can lead to lower electricity consumption and subsequently lower energy bills.
By maintaining a steady voltage, voltage optimisers can protect your appliances and electronic devices from voltage fluctuations. This can help extend their lifespan, reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements.
Lower energy consumption means reduced demand on power generation, leading to a smaller carbon footprint. Using a voltage optimiser aligns with eco-friendly practices by promoting energy efficiency.
By lowering your energy consumption, a voltage optimiser can help you save money on your monthly electricity bills. The actual amount saved will depend on factors such as your energy usage patterns, the cost of electricity in your area, and the efficiency of the voltage optimiser.
Our advanced Voltage Optimisation (VO) technology enables you to monitor and track the performance of your voltage optimiser through a convenient remote monitoring system. This system can be accessed from anywhere, providing you with real-time visibility into the energy savings achieved by your business.

The remote monitoring system offers a transparent and user-friendly interface, allowing you to easily track and visualize the energy savings generated by your VO implementation. This level of visibility is invaluable when it comes to assessing the return on investment (ROI) of your VO solution.

By utilizing VO technology, you gain access to precise and detailed information regarding the amount of energy your business is saving. This data empowers you to monitor your energy usage effectively, identify trends, and evaluate the tangible benefits of your VO solution. Having a clear view of your energy savings enables you to confidently evaluate the ROI and showcase the positive impact of VO on your business's financial performance.

With the ability to monitor and track the performance of your voltage optimiser remotely, you can stay informed about the ongoing energy savings achieved by your VO system. This valuable insight allows you to make data-driven decisions, optimize energy usage, and continually improve the efficiency of your operations.

By leveraging the remote monitoring capabilities of our VO technology, you have a powerful tool at your disposal to manage and maximize the benefits of your energy-saving initiatives. With easy access to accurate energy savings data, you can confidently demonstrate the positive outcomes of your VO implementation and drive sustainable financial results for your business.
Why Us!

Our customised energy solutions have been widely adopted by businesses throughout the United Kingdom. Positive Energy Solutions has played a pivotal role in driving sustainable practices while ensuring a positive impact on future generations. Nestled amidst the scenic beauty of hills, dales, and valleys, our headquarters in the heart of the High Peak, Derbyshire, serves as the hub for designing innovative solutions for businesses nationwide.

At Positive Energy Solutions, we take pride in our personalised approach to every project. Our team handles each undertaking with a combination of professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail, ensuring that the solution is tailored precisely to meet your unique requirements. We recognise that no two businesses are the same, and that's why we strive to deliver customised energy solutions that align seamlessly with your objectives and maximise your sustainability efforts.

From inception to implementation, our dedicated team works closely with you to understand your specific needs, challenges, and goals. This collaborative approach allows us to design and deploy bespoke systems that optimise energy usage, reduce costs, and minimise environmental impact. By tailoring our solutions to your exact requirements, we ensure that you receive the most effective and efficient energy solutions for your business.


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