Can I Save More with Battery Storage?

People are looking into solar panel costs and how beneficial they can be for their homes, but many feel that they may not get the full benefit. The truth is that most homes can feel the benefit of being independent of the rising costs of grid power – and solar can even make that pay off as well. The renewable energy that is generated but not used typically will automatically be exported back to the national grid. Where that can change is in solar battery storage, where the unused energy generated by your solar panel system can be stored for use whenever you want. This has the potential to make your home completely self-sufficient for power.

No Falling Back on Power

By using stored energy that has been generated during the day in the evening when the sun is no longer providing power, you can carry on without having to fall back on the price of grid electricity to power your home throughout the night.

Regardless of the measures taken to maximise your self-consumption, it is very likely that you will generate more energy than you will realistically require. The option to fit battery storage is not just one from a financial standpoint, but one of independence from electricity suppliers.

Both reducing your carbon footprint and being less dependent on pricy electricity costs is extremely motivating for many people. The key to getting the most out of your options is to discuss them with a professional installer, as many installations and requirements are varied in getting the full benefit.

Saving Through the Day

When you have a solar panel system installed without battery storage, your electricity can be used as it is being generated (with timers set on devices and appliances for getting the best and not wasting power), but your reliance on grid energy in the evenings will be essential.

Using solar battery storage alongside your solar panel system will however store the excess for use in the evening, cutting down on the reliance on grid power and lowering your utility bills as a result.

Battery Types

Batteries are made of lead-acid or lithium-ion, both with the ability to adequately store electricity generated via solar panels whilst you are away from the home during the day. Of the battery options, lithium-ion is the most efficient battery on the market, capable of delivering fast charging and a larger storage capacity.

For more options on solar battery storage and how it can provide a greater benefit to your home’s green energy consumption, contact the team at Positive Energy Solutions today.

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