Planning a Solar Energy Project

Making the decision to transform your business into one that is powered by clean, affordable energy is a decision that is forward-thinking, wise and above all else quite an exciting feeling to embark on your first solar energy project.

The long term benefits of commercial solar offer a wider scope for saving your business money from the production of natural electricity from the sun whilst creating a cleaner and sustainable environment for your company image.

The decision may have been on the boards for a long time and finally, the shift is upon you, but you may not have any clue as to how to implement it and the various steps that need to be taken.

This could be the reason that people hold off due to the overwhelming thought of how work could be disrupted, how much time will be consumed in installation and if people will need to take time out to train in using it.

For starters, this is why you bring in professionals to handle all of these areas for you, ensuring that your business is not held up by relocating manpower or disrupting workflow. They also will guide you through the initial stages prior to implementation.


Naturally, bringing your business into the renewable energy threshold is a lot more complex than simply bolting commercial solar panels to your roof. It takes planning.

When meeting with a solar provider the first port of call will be in the planning phase. No matter where your business is situated there will need to be a physical evaluation of the entire site. This determines where best to hook the system into the power grid and any potential problems that need to be addressed – including overseeing the legalities and any planning permission requirements that would need to be applied for.


When you look at businesses that have adopted the commercial solar model, you will notice that not all designs are the same.

Depending on where the solar panels are being fitted you will be involved in the discussions about the best designs, initial concepts and plans around what suits your business premises. Usually, this would be shown via concept drawings for your approval in order to be finalised and, along with successful approvals from all parties, construction can be underway for your green energy future.


The time in successfully implementing commercial solar into a business can vary depending on the overall complexity of the project.

No matter how long it takes, your solar provider will always have the goal of minimal disruption to your working environment as part of their project planning. All construction on the project will be built according to this plan with the target of operating in the acceptable parameters of the overall goal.

Once successful implementation is complete you are ready to be switched on to a new, eco-friendly and efficient energy source for your business.

To have the talk over making that switch to commercial solar in 2021, contact the team at Positive Energy Solutions today.

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