Why Are Solar Panels So Popular?

As you may have noticed over the last decade, solar panel popularity has risen as more and more buildings and homes around you are being equipped with solar energy. Over 900,000 British homes now have solar PV panels adorning their home façade.

How have these become so popular as of recently, you may ask yourself? Well, the truth is there for many reasons.

Bill Saving

Naturally, the biggest appeal for many taking the solar journey is saving on the electricity bills, especially as the cost of grid power continues to rise year on year. Solar power is now the cheapest form of electricity in existence.

Decreasing that reliance on the national grid power can go up to 70% in some cases, enabling you to remove the supplier from the equation and fully benefiting from the fact that no one owns the sun. By installing both solar panels and battery storage, you are open to living off of the grid completely, no longer relying on overpriced power and living self-sufficient. This is especially useful in those situations when a power outage in the area will not affect you.

Reduce Footprint and Increase Health

As the electricity is harvested from the sun, it is both renewable energy and sustainable. This form of energy generation emits no greenhouse gasses in comparison to fossil fuels.

This means you are not contributing to global warming and as fossil fuels eventually run out, the sun will always continue to shine, which in turn will enable your system to help save the UK around 1.6 tonnes of carbon per year. Green energy working at its finest.

When you consider that more than 8 million people a year die around the world as a result of polluted air from the burning of coal and oil, solar energy is clean energy that does not produce harmful toxins, which means your system is healthy for the environment and good for you personally on a health factor also.

Affordable Moving Forward

Due to this increase in solar panel popularity and demand for commercial solar and home solar systems, as well as great steps in its advancement technologically, solar PV has dropped globally by 82% in price and will continue to.

Solar systems are now at a vastly affordable level in comparison to ten years ago, and battery storage solutions now mean that energy produced during the day can be stored and used whenever demanded. This goes a long way towards living off-grid and becoming energy independent for the future.

If you need to understand more reasons for how solar panels work for you, contact the team at Positive Energy Solutions to learn more about your bright and powerful future with solar.

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