What Happens During a Solar Installation?

Those people who look to switch to renewable energy in the form of solar panel systems for the home are understanding of the benefits they pose, but probably have more unanswered questions about exactly how the process of having them installed plays out.

The first part of the process is having a certified installer look over two things to do with your home – the size of your home and your home’s current energy usage. The size of your home will specifically relate to the square footage and the space that can house the solar panels on the roof or elsewhere on the property.

Future Plans

An installer will also discuss your plans for your home and how they play into the system installation.

If you are a couple with plans to one day have children, that will come into play in boosting your electricity usage. If you decide to change your working conditions to a more home-based working approach, maybe installation of a pool or sauna – or even if you are planning on installing an electric vehicle charging point. All of these things alter the landscape of planning for the solar panel cost

Your plans may determine that you will need extra panels to support the increase in usage and the requirement of a solar battery storage system to get more juice for the busy evenings – should you decide you would rather have that than rely on the grid.


Upon receiving your quote for the type of system that is required and it is agreed upon, things can move forward pretty quick – as long as there have not been considerations with relation to the installation.

An installer will be able to determine if certain areas of shading will affect your solar power intake and – should there be a reason the shading artefact cannot be removed – panels need to be placed in a different setup. There will also be considerations around structural challenges such as specially designed plumbing settings, chimneys and skylights.

The length of the installation time will vary from job to job, especially if planning permissions are required. In some cases it can take a couple of weeks – in others, it can take a couple of months. The size of the project can determine the length of time it can take.

Expert Implementation

The team at Positive Energy Solutions are experts in the problem-solving and installation of domestic and commercial solar panels. Contact us today to explore the type of installation required on your home to access green energy.

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