What Would Affect a Solar Panels Warranty?

If you have started looking into the potential for a commercial solar panel system for your business, you will have asked a hundred questions leading to the decision. One of the main questions that business owners ask always wraps around the idea of solar panel warranty and what would invalidate or affect it. Naturally, business owners want the maximum amount on everything and ensuring that the warranty stands firm is something that factors into the decision more than you would think.

Tried and Tested

The truth is solar panels rarely break, and they generally require the minimum amount of maintenance. The solace that everyone can take is that every solar panel is subjected to rigorous industry testing to make sure it can withstand severe weather and damaging conditions.

The manufacturers offer long-term warranties on their solar panels because of the proven strength and durability of each component. The performance guarantee on these panels makes them a solid investment for your business over the better part of 3 decades in most cases.

When looking at solar panels and their warranties, always take the time to read the warranty’s fine print to be sure you understand the coverage specifics.


It is important when having the installation of your solar panels that you choose an installer with a proven track record, reputable industry experience and a solid folder of references. A trusted installer will be eager to provide detailed information about your warranty’s coverage and limits.

The performance warranty (or guarantee) is issued by the solar panel manufacturer and covers the effectiveness of the system. This is the warranty that takes into account the decrease in the average solar panel’s production value between 0.25% and 0.5% each year.

Typical performance warranties cover your panels for up to 25 years, with the majority of systems working efficiently long after expiration.


Without a professional installation, a solar panel warranty can become void. Hiring a contractor that lacks industry certification can certainly nullify a performance warranty.

If you bring a different company other than the one that installed your system professionally for repairs or maintenance, you may void the performance and workmanship warranty. Your performance warranty can also be voided by failing to maintain them properly, especially within the surroundings where it may require extra consideration.

Talking with your professional installer will identify all of the key factors to not affect your solar panel warranty based on your specifics.

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