Is Commercial Solar Cost Viable for Your Business?

As a business owner you will always live according to your balance sheet, and for good reason; it’s been a delicate start to the 2020s for every business. We’ve seen many businesses utilise solar panels for business premises in need of a more financially and environmentally friendly operating method.

Many other businesses have adopted every kind of way to save money and provide positive outlooks for their company’s future, and all of them have had to answer to the budget book and weigh up the pros and cons of every action undertaken.

Every change must have a positive effect on most operating factors, and those businesses who have implemented commercial solar as a way of operating via renewable energy have had to undergo the math.

Initial Plan

The first port of call on your budget is no doubt stopping rising energy costs and protecting the company from the guaranteed energy increases. These can be combated with the use of commercial solar panels.

The first figures you will calculate will be the ballpark figures for all system sizes, although these will differ depending on a few factors to do with your business, such as the size system required, how they need to be installed, how much cabling is needed and the kind of battery storage that would be required. For better figures you will need to do better than simply googling for a number; you will need to engage with a specialist who will be able to evaluate the requirements and quote your specific plan.

The Reasons

Each business has a checklist on their reasons for shifting to green energy and they have been meticulously thought and planned out.

As well as saving money through sustainable energy generation, commercial solar is key to cutting down a business’s carbon footprint. Some companies manage to provide around 20% of their own power through solar installations, with small panel systems even possible to save over 40 tonnes of co2 emissions over a 25-year period.

Considering how many solar installations used to cost, today’s installations are much more budget-friendly, having dropped around 70% over a ten-year time frame. On top of this, the drops in energy bills and maintenance costs provide even more savings. Although commercial solar won’t see an immediate or short-term return on your investment from your energy bills alone, it will provide enough savings to enable it to pay for itself over time.

As well as all these reasons, you must consider the great shine renewable energy has on your ad campaigns and company standing. If your company is good for the planet, your standing is good with the public.

Asking the Questions

When it comes to discovering your company’s potential for commercial solar, it is important to talk with a professional supplier who can answer the questions that relate to your adaptability. Different businesses have different requirements and yours may require a more bespoke touch to get the full benefit.

Contact the team at Positive Energy Solutions today to discover your company’s brighter future with solar panels for business premises.

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