Blistering Sun is Gold for Commercial Solar Businesses

Last week the UK had seen temperatures soar to 34oC and the sun has been merciless. Whilst many people were complaining about the high levels of heat preventing them from doing their daily jobs, warehouses, factories, and others, businesses that have invested in solar panels for commercial buildings had a lot to be happy about.

By storing their excess energy generated into their solar batteries, they can distribute this electricity either to further distance their reliance on the national grid – or even sell their surplus power back to it.

Working at Sky High Levels

As electricity costs are at a sky-high level, businesses that have adopted the commercial solar model are certainly getting the best period of their operation.

More businesses are accessing the hidden potential right above them by installing rooftop commercial solar panels to help offset their demand. By reducing their reliance on grid power significantly, a commercial-grade solar panel system can realistically pay itself off within 3-5 years.

Commercial solar panel projects for a company are not an overnight operation – it can take anywhere between a few months to a year depending on the scale of the business and the requirements. Not only does the design of the system come into play, but also any areas of permits and construction that have to be meticulously planned out for safety and optimization.

Unique Situations

Every property and building is unique in design and has many potential roadblocks for a standard installation. When it comes to switching to renewable energy, engineers and installers have to look through several factors to find the safest and most optimal solution – which can mean a more bespoke design in some instances.

Many bumps along the way can delay the process of successfully implementing a commercial solar panel system for your business, so it is wise to eliminate as many as possible so that your system can get up and running and begin saving on your high electricity operational costs.

Sizable Investment

Although commercial solar is a sizable investment for your business, it certainly is worth the price in the long run – especially if these hot, unrelenting sunny days continue to roll around in velocity every summer going forward.

Whilst it can be a process that can take months to a year in some instances and will see its fair share of problem-solving to get it running as it should, the long-term benefit of having sustainable, green energy at your business fingertips makes for a much more prosperous future.

Contact the team at Positive Energy Solutions today for all of your commercial solar requirements, and for solar panels for commercial buildings.

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