Solar for Hospitality

With many people still feeling unsure about travel abroad due to variants of Covid still making appearances the world over, 2022 may still be the year where travel will be more inland to hotel getaways and resorts within the UK. With the rising costs in electric and other reliance’s in the UK, commercial solar panels for hospitality such as hotel chains, as well as independents, will cut down on the large costs whilst people choose to book throughout the year – especially over the summer months.

Cost-Effective Strategy

The most cost-effective way for hotels to cut carbon emissions and costs is by investing in commercial solar panels. This not only reduces electricity bills but also leaves a good, lasting impression on environmentally-conscious guests.

The global hospitality sector is responsible for 1% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions. Hotel greenhouse gasses are typically reported as tonnes of CO2e per bedroom per year, or kg of CO2e per room per night – which is around 10-13 tonnes per room per year in the UK split between electricity and fossil gas heating. This can be even higher for luxurious hotel chains.

The Usual Areas of Use

A typical hotel energy use is high in space heating, powering office equipment and cooling systems – with others being lighting, hot water, cooking, ventilation and refrigeration as well as other areas.

Electricity typically makes up 40% of the energy usage in a hotel in these areas, as well as TV use, minibar powering and pools.

Commercial solar panels for hospitality can produce electricity during the daylight hours and can contribute towards electricity demand for these periods as well as outside of them with battery storage. What is fortunate about the potential for solar in hospitality is that peak electricity demand for UK hotels aligns with daylight hours.

The Best Option for Hospitality

This makes solar panel installation a great option for supplying green energy and cutting energy bills and carbon footprints simultaneously. With the rise in electric vehicles and charging stations over the next year, hotels can cater to both EV-owning guests and staff with onsite charging stations powered by the hotel solar panels.

Whilst this will increase the solar energy demand, smart integrating has the potential to supply most of this.

Tourism makes up around 8% of global emissions, mainly through travel. With environmental awareness growing, sustainable holidaymaking is in great demand.

As a hotel chain displaying environmental credentials through solar generation and EV charging, hotels adopting renewable energy can stand out and have a positive reception for guests.

Contact the team at Positive Energy Solutions today to make a positive change for 2022.

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