5 Benefits of Home Solar Power

Rising costs on national grid power have caused a great deal of concern for many people, with the high cost of living affecting pretty much every area from April onwards. This has resulted in many people looking for better solutions to be able to live more comfortably in the years ahead. One of the biggest enquiries over the past year on search engines such as Google has been that of installing solar power for your home to greatly reduce your cost of energy. These enquiries are triple what they were ten years ago, and come about because rooftop solar panels and solar storage batteries are much more affordable, accessible, resilient and efficient than they were back then.

They also bolster some great benefits for future living.

Control Over Electricity

A domestic solar panel system and a solar storage battery offer freedom from reliance on utility companies and their predicted electricity bills. The ability to avoid peak electricity rates and have a reliable backup power source whenever the grid goes down means that your home life does not suffer at the hands of a company that is profiting from it.

Electricity costs have been steadily rising year on year, and it has no signs of dropping as the years go on – instead, they are getting too expensive to enjoy your life the way you should. Electricity is typically more expensive during peak hours and less expensive during low-demand periods, which causes you to balance things out when it comes to your usage.

With a battery system in place, you can store unused generated electricity so that your home can avoid the peak rates and, providing you have an abundance of stored electricity – you can even sell it back to the grid and make some money from them.

Clean and Renewable

Home solar is clean, emission-free, and renewable energy, not releasing harmful pollutants and greenhouse gases like natural gas and other fossil fuels do.

By decreasing air pollution, solar can prevent millions in health and environmental damages and play its part in repairing the planet. The potential with domestic solar is huge, and reducing your carbon footprint is helping the fight to eliminate harmful emissions from fossil fuels – providing a cleaner and brighter future for all.

Increases Home Value

An unconsidered advantage of solar panels and batteries is that they will help to increase the value of your home. Some solar panel costs and battery storage prices have been known to be recouped within a home’s sale price.

People have a fondness for a home that comes with already available solar panels and battery storage, which means they are quicker to sell on the market – typically around 20% faster than those without solar panels installed. Whether you are upgrading your home for a future sale or making it your forever home, the property value of your home will significantly increase.

If you are still considering the advantages of installing a solar panel system and battery storage for your home, the team at Positive Energy Solutions can help you with everything from designing a custom solar system, installation, maintenance and monitoring.

Call our office today for a talk on your future with installing solar power for your home.

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