Spring Benefits For Those Interested in Solar Panels

Now that the winter months are starting to be put behind us and we are starting to get brighter mornings, this is the perfect part of the year to install a solar system and get the maximum benefit as the sunnier days get brighter into Spring.

Existing Family Homes

Spring is the season where we get longer days and more sunshine than we have seen for the past six months, allowing those who have adopted renewable energy to take advantage of maximum energy harvesting in the second-best season for solar production.

In the Spring and Summer months, solar systems will tend to over-produce electricity which becomes the best months to sell the excess energy back to the national grid – giving you back some extra money where you need it the most.

With this summer set to be a scorcher, installing a solar system this early in the Spring will play a large part in offsetting the high energy bills set to come into play in 2022. If you have a home with air conditioning, this could prove to be quite costly otherwise as the hot months come along.

New Homes

Throughout the UK, there are record numbers of people moving into new homes and 2022 will continue this movement. If you are preparing to buy a new home, installing a solar system in your home can instantly increase your property value as well as become a very beneficial long-term investment – even before you move in yourself.

Making a fresh start in a new home is a great feeling, and getting the full benefit of being able to reduce costly household bills by the use of free, green energy provided by the sun is a great way to start the rest of your lives together.

Should you ever choose to move from the house later in life, your home will be worth much more than when you bought it and will be very appealing to people looking for energy-efficient homes that don’t require a fresh, costly installation.

Perfect Season

It is also much easier for professional installers to place solar panels on your roof in the Spring season, as they will be free of snow and ice from the colder months. With many homeowners choosing to fix and replace their roofs following heavy snow or rainfall at the end of winter, this could be the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and install your solar panels at the same time.

Talking with professionals about the size and storage system requirements for your home is the first step you should take as the winter comes to an end and the start of a brighter outlook begins.

Contact the team at Positive Energy Solutions today to discuss adopting renewable energy, solar panel cost and the true benefits of switching to solar.

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