Is the Bad English Weather Putting Damp on Your Choice to Switch to Solar?

If there is one certainty when it comes to living in England, it is that if you are not happy with the weather – just wait 5 minutes. English weather flips from intense summer heat to a week’s worth of rain in one afternoon. This is why England always has a backup plan when it comes to planning things out. However, could this constant weather uncertainty be the reason why you are hot about whether you should switch to solar powered homes or businesses one minute, but shade on the idea when the clouds start to water down?

Shining Truth

The truth is – you don’t need to be on a Spanish beach with constant sun rays to enjoy the benefits of solar in your home. Solar panels are designed to work in all weather conditions, including torrential rain and snowfall. Admittedly the power will not be as strong as a hot sunny clear day, but it is still enough to power your home or business.

If you find that hard to believe, over 900,000 UK homes are currently experiencing it through renewable energy – so this is not an urban legend.

Same Benefits

Solar energy is still the cheapest form of electricity in history. When things get a bit colder and wetter throughout the year in England, people tend to turn up the heating dial and use more electricity as it gets darker from thick dark clouds above.

Where green energy provides a haven is in its decrease on National Grid electricity, which guarantees a lowering on your energy bill potentially up to 70%. The sun still breaks through dark clouds, it’s a powerful source of natural energy and it still powers your home.

Contrary to what would be expected, commercial solar and home solar are still effective in high areas for cloud and rain. The focus is more centred on the ability to decrease the cost of electricity, not the amount of sunlight seen in the area.

With the ever-increasing price of energy from suppliers seeing many people looking for alternatives, solar panel cost is seen as a solid investment that saves a lot more even if the sun does not make daily appearances.

How Solar Performs at its Best

Commercial solar panels will not produce electricity during the night-time hours and will not operate at 100% during extremely cloudy days. However, if planned accordingly for your installation, anyone can find a solar energy system that powers their home efficiently.

When enquiring with a professional supplier and installer, a lot of discussion and research will go into the best kind of system for your surroundings. If your neighbours also have solar powering their home, you can get an idea from their system and costs as to how much it benefits them, but know that different suppliers are as different as your houses – some may have better knowledge or solutions.

To better understand how solar panels are a benefit no matter the weather or to switch to solar power, talk with the team at Positive Energy Solutions today.

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