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Businesses of all sizes throughout the UK are feeling the sting of the soaring energy prices dominating the country this year. When you factor in everything that businesses have had to face in the 2020s so far – economic uncertainty/Brexit/Covid-19/Cost of Living crisis – times are increasingly getting harder for businesses to soldier on.

SME at Risk

SMEs are at the most risk with many of them relying on passing costs onto their customers and increasing inflationary pressure as a result. When looking at annual energy bills, 30% of SMEs currently spend between £3000 and £3,999 with a further quarter spending over £4000.

This no doubt has a significant impact on SMEs and their overall costs. Around 8% of SMEs currently spend up to 50% of their total business costs on energy consumption. It is not surprising that these business owners now look to renewable energy to ease pressure on their budgets.

If you run a business and have a focus on looking at ways to reduce energy bills, commercial solar panels are the perfect solution.

Benefit from the Sun

The majority of UK businesses operate their business hours during the daytime, which makes them the ideal candidate for utilising solar panels. The added benefit of commercial solar is that excess power generated by the panels in the daytime can be stored in a solar battery storage system – helping you to conserve extra energy for when you may need it.

Even small businesses have the potential to make substantial savings on their grid reliance, with the potential for thousands of pounds being saved over the 25-year lifespan of your system. Commercial solar refers to systems installed in larger operations in sectors such as agriculture and manufacturing, whereas business solar is systems installed in small to medium-sized businesses such as office premises.

Businesses With Space

SMEs are likely to have more limited space for solar panel installation and will likely have an ROI closer to domestic installations. However, if you operate industrial solar Panels, you are more likely to store enough excess solar energy that can be sold to utility companies for profit against your investment.

No matter if your business is small or large, the benefits of having solar panels stretch beyond practicality and saving on energy costs. In installing solar panels for your business, you are actively reducing your company’s carbon footprint by a significant margin.

Your carbon footprint is determined by the number of greenhouse gases produced by your actions. Solar energy is renewable energy and carbon neutral, which means that when you install commercial solar panels you are showing commitment to green and sustainable practices for the world.

If your energy costs are currently spiralling out of control, you need to investigate how solar panels can help your specific business. Contact the team at Positive Energy Solutions today for more information.

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