How To Prevent Causes of Solar Panel Degradation

What causes solar panel degradation?

As you consider commercial solar panels for your business and full adoption of renewable energy to cut down on grid power reliance and carbon emissions, among your chief concerns would be how long these panels are going to last before something happens to compromise them.

It is a good question to weigh against your sizable investment in green energy and commercial solar – just how long until degradation occurs with my system and what can be done to prevent it?

First and foremost, you must understand that installers take a consultative approach with every single solar project for every business. Taking in such factors as historical weather patterns and environmental conditions in the project assessment and feasibility process.

This includes the degradation situation and implementing important measures to prevent possible causes.


There is the potential for tiny cracks to form on the panel surface or within the silicon inside the panel which could cause reduced efficiency over time. To combat this, the physical stress on the panels needs to be reduced in the transportation, delivery, and installation processes.

Site teams and installers will have comprehensive plans on how panels are stored and moved and proper training around how they are installed to avoid damage. This includes quality assurance and control measures such as visual inspection and panel performance testing done during the manufacturing process, delivery, and installation.

All panels are properly secured to withstand such threats as wind without any damage to the surface. This and other installation records are included in the turnover documentation which supports your warranty.


Skilled solar providers mitigate all potential issues long before they could surface to protect your investment.

Installers look at every single potential hiccup for your potential for solar by identifying elements such as trees, power lines, roof equipment, and other factors that can impair your solar benefit. All of these factors are heavily considered and structured into your specific solar panel installation design to ensure that you are getting the optimal power to your system.

Performance Monitoring

The best reassurance that your solar panel system is operating as it should is to monitor its performance regularly. When issues start to appear, not only do you identify them quickly and can act on them, you have a documented timeframe of when any incident window could have occurred.

These problems can be identified and remedied quickly, and if falling in with your warranty can be fixed before it becomes a spreading problem.

Contact the team at Positive Energy Solutions today to discuss what causes solar panel degradation, and all concerns with commercial solar and solar panel cost for your business.

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