What is the Lifespan of Solar Panels?

Many people feel that constant bombardment of heat, rain, sleet and snow throughout the UK may play havoc with the lifespan of solar panels on the home, which may make them a bad investment against the solar panel cost, but, what is the lifespan of a solar panel?

The truth about the lifespan of solar panels is that they can last upwards of 50 years or longer against all weather conditions. This does not mean that you may not want to replace them before then, as all solar panels can show signs of diminishing in their performance over certain amounts of time.

The one positive in solar is that the panels take a long time to diminish, and it happens very slowly. Some steps can be taken to increase their productivity for much longer and fully prevent them from stopping working.

Against Degradation

As solar panels last against everything from scorching heat to freezing and thawing, they make for an all-year-around wise investment. As decades pass they will start to see some signs of wear and tear from abrasion, corrosion and overheating.

This will sometimes present some cracking to form within the panel which will prevent them from working and will require replacement. The good news is that whilst this happens to one panel, all of the other panels will not be affected and will continue to power your home.


Although not a problem with professional installers such as Positive Energy Solutions, sometimes damage can be caused by installers who don’t follow manufacturer instructions towards installation and occasionally cut corners.

Occasionally an installer may not be an expert in the chosen product and could end up doing small damage to the panels through wiring or activation set-up, or carelessness with delivery or unpacking. To prevent this you should always see the credentials of those installing your system to ensure that you get the maximum amount of attention and care with the system installation, preventing any future issues.

Being Sure of System

Every home that has a system installed would have had a thorough evaluation to determine the best kind of system for the requirement and location, as well as access to daylight.

This determines the absolute best product for your home needs. When the product arrives, you should double-check that all of the product is correct and that no inexpensive panels or other parts of the system are replacing one that was ordered. Inexpensive panels may not produce the correct amount of energy and affect your system in longevity.

By discussing with your installers and making certain that all of the systems is as it should be, you stand to benefit from a far greater return on your investment and find yourself able to relax with minimum maintenance.

What is the lifespan of a solar panel? Contact the professionals at Positive Energy Solutions and speak to our team!

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