What Reasons Would Prevent Solar Panels From Working Properly?

We all have experienced in one moment in our lives that occasion when grid power goes down and we are left at the mercy of workers getting it back up and running, sometimes taking upwards of 6-8 hours before power is back on.

For homes that have adopted solar panels and battery storage, that is never a problem – the power for the home will always be there. However, when your solar panels stop working, you don’t have the trusted workers trying to get your power back on – this falls on you to discover why you suddenly are not getting the power you should.

Whilst you will no doubt have grid power as a backup, you rely on a solar panel system to provide renewable energy. If you are not getting the energy you should be getting, several things could be preventing it.

Feathered Friends

If you have a flat roof, there is always the possibility that some feathered friends could have made a home on your nice warm panels. Not only are these things a great source of free energy, for many birds or squirrels they can be a great provider of free warmth too.

If they have been nesting, you could have a lot of loose debris on the panels affecting their efficiency, so it could mean a bit of a clean up is required – especially if bird droppings have made quite the impression. Ideally, you should find time to give your panels a clean when possible – especially if regular rain has not done the job for you.

Dirt and Shadow

Generally upon installation, the problem of potential shadowing will have been addressed and avoided when it came to your solar input. However, if things have changed in the neighbourhood and there has since been an obstruction – especially if your panels are ground-based – then it could be you are being affected by an outside force.

Maybe a neighbour has erected an extension that unintentionally is affecting your direct sunlight or the hours you would usually be getting the most sun. Ideally, most neighbours would discuss this with you beforehand, but as we know not all neighbours are as considerate.

Loose or Damaged Tiles/Panels

Roof instability is always something to take into consideration, especially in those early year months when the UK gets the backlash of various storms. It is a great time to be a roofer with several damaged tiles and slates, but that could also play into your panels.

Panels will have been installed perfectly and can withstand major high winds to remain stable, but your roofing tiles may not be as stable. After any storm, it is best to check for any damage or scratches to panels caused by loose flying debris and tiles. Luckily damages will be covered in your insurance/warranty should they occur, but it is always safe to be sure that any damage is taken care of to get your panels back to 100% efficiency.

It is always best to request a guide for care from your professional installer, as well as actions that can be taken to prevent such an instance from happening. Contact the team at Positive Energy Solutions today to get the most from your solar panel cost and continue to benefit from renewable energy.

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