Will Panels Be Damaged by High Wind?

In the UK, we are no strangers to high winds sometimes causing havoc with our environment – be it falling trees, falling roof tiles or at least a few tipped over wheelie bins.

High winds are a huge concern for the home, and may also be one for people deciding on solar panels for the home. Is there a risk of solar panels becoming damaged beyond repair from high winds, and does that affect their desirability?

Whilst it is understandable that concern over the wellbeing and durability of both domestic and commercial solar panels in times of extreme weather conditions, it should be noted that modern solar systems are built to last for decades against all manor of high hazards in weather patterns. Solar panels are used to high elemental challenges from winds, snow, heavy rain and hail.

Modern Manufacturing

Solar panels today are designed, engineered, manufactured and tested to withstand all of the extreme weather conditions. High winds are among those that are tested toward.

Generally, solar panels hold up very well against windy conditions and are highly resistant to any damage. The limit can boil down to both the quality of the roof and the racking system. This would be an area that the experienced solar installer would be quick to point out. If your roof has a weakness, it would be advised to re-evaluate where your solar panels are situated to be fully resistant to wind threats.


Today, most solar panel systems can withstand excess winds of 140mph, which is safe to say is a much higher velocity than what most people would encounter.

You could live in a valley where winds are most frequent and that level of wind would not become apparent and seeing as the UK does not suffer mass hurricanes regularly. In rare cases, wind may throw heavy objects into solar panels which can cause some physical damage, but for it to be substantial it would have to have extremely high winds that the UK won’t see regularly if at all.


When you engage with the team at Positive Energy Solutions, all aspects of concern upon installing a solar power panel system are addressed and covered.

Even with harsher winds during the November and March months throughout the UK, solar panels can withstand the harshest of elements – it will all come down to your roof condition. In any case, alternative setups for solar panels can be done at either ground or wall level.

Contact Positive Energy Solutions today for more information on solar panel cost and renewable energy solutions for your home.

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